About Our Firm

The law firm of Kahle & Associates is comprised of individuals with established reputations for providing quality services to their clients with the highest ethical standards.  The firm is not structured to be all things to all clients.  Instead, we have chosen to practice in areas where we have developed and maintained quality relationships with our clients.  The reasons our clients stay with us are the keys to our success. The attorneys at Kahle & Associates consider their interaction and representation of each client to be of primary importance and are dedicated to providing legal services that demonstrate their commitment to excellence.  The philosophy of the firm is characterized by: 
  1. Reasonable billing practice, competitive hourly rates and flexible billing arrangements. 
  2. Prompt responses to client inquiries and accessibility for clients.
  3. Meticulous attention to each client’s individual needs.
  4. Vigilant and assertive representation before, during and after litigation.
  5. Innovative development of alternatives to litigation to meet client needs.
  6. Quality legal analysis, research and writing. 
  7. Commitment to facilitating effective and fast resolution

     The attorneys at Kahle & Associates  have consistently obtained excellent results for their clients at trial.  However, the firm recognizes obtaining the best result for the client does not always require resorting to litigation or progressing through trial.  Each of the firm’s attorneys are experienced in utilizing effective and efficient methods of alternative dispute resolution.